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PDF, 2.17 Мб ID: SM-000002578 Дата публикации: 28 фев 2007
Флейта, Кларнет, Тромбон альт, Тромбон бас, Тромбон тенор, Корнет, Валторна, Труба, Малый барабан
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comments Michael Edwards 22 июн 2015 08:01

Hallo.      I have just found this piece listed as by William Baines, which I have never seen before, despite having over the years kept my eye open for anything by him.      But I am just wondering if there has been a mistake and this is not by William Baines. Of course, I do not really know for sure, and am just raising the question - but not only is it *wildly* out of keeping with William Baines' usual style, but also the title is written in Russian script (it looks like a manuscript copy), whereas Baines was British and would not have used Russian script, and if it is a copyist's manuscript rather than a composer's manuscript, it seems rather improbable that it would have been copied by a Russian copyist.      Of course this *could* be a Russian edition of a very uncharacteristic piece by Baines - but the anomaly is enough at least to make me wonder if a mistake has been made in identifying this piece.      Does anyone know?      Thanks.