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Moments when we See, for horn and tape, Op.44

Классика/Камерная музыка • 1987

Moments when we See, for horn and tape

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Продавец Richard Burdick
ZIP, 89.01 Мб ID: SM-000268018 Дата публикации: 01 янв 2017
Валторна, Магнитофонная лента
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I Ching Music
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Opus 44 “Moments when we See . . . ”
This work was started when I worked in the electronic studio at California State University @ Hayward in 1981 with supervision from Tony Gnazzo and William Shannon.
The horn part was written in 1987 when I was doing quite a few performances of solo horn and horn and tape concerts. The Horn part, which is largely sustained multi-phonics was added in December 1987. The multiphonics to a great degree sound more “electronic” than acoustic. creating an “other worldly” environment. The title refers to the moments when the two sound sources come together. In general the piece presents two independent entities.
In December of 2016 I re-mastered the tape uncovering a few hidden sounds and improving balances. I also added one phrase to the horn part.
This work has a few moments when the tape and the horn need to line up, generally the big crash moments, but if the timing is followed (as possible) on the revised 2016 edition everything should work well.
Richard Burdick
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