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One song and Scary Fairies. Rearranged for tenor and piano

Классика • 2004 • Автор текста: Tom Clarke

One song and Scary Fairies. Rearranged for tenor and piano

One song and Scary Fairies. Rearranged  for tenor and piano: One song and Scary Fairies. Rearranged  for tenor and piano by Sonja Grossner

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Продавец Sonja Grossner
PDF, 21.35 Мб ID: SM-000268654 Дата публикации: 16 янв 2017
Фортепиано, Тенор
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Соло, Аккомпанирующее фортепиано
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Sonja Grossner
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Scary Fairies.
The Grinlims live in dirt and grime, underneath the rail-way line. They sleep all day and dine at night, on four mud pies and slugs in slime.
The Grinlims never like to wash and hate to see us looking posh. They make a hole in which to lie and sleep up-on the things that die.
When bats are in the mid-night air, in Town they come to peep and stare, They leave their sick where you have been and of ten turn a shade of Green.
The Grinlims like a toad or two and kill them with a sticky glue. At mid-night they all waddle home and never speak, just loudly groan.
Beneath the moon they find two tracks and lay down flat upon their backs, Trains that rarely run on time, have Grinlims on the rail-way line.
The Guards men of ten come a-long, to see what things are going wrong. They blame the leaves, they blame the rain, but Grinlims bring the greatest pain.
They always love a World of Mess and aim to bring you daily stress. In days of Old they hitched a ride, on horses in the country-side.
Now times have changed they wonder why, We rush a-round on things that fly. Remember when your car won't work, beneath the ground the Grinlims lurk. One Song.
When all the World has passed from sight, let memory be the constant guide. Re-call the times we both once knew, when love came down, so rich and true. The meadows and the wild Spring flowers, were ours to roam throughout the hours. When memory fades and thoughts are gone, please leave behind one tender song.
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