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Little G minor Fanfare for Symphonic brass choir, Op.63

Классика/Симфоническая • 1991

Little G minor Fanfare for Symphonic brass choir

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Продавец Richard Burdick
PDF, 6.36 Мб ID: SM-000288121 Дата публикации: 14 май 2017
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Оркестр медных и деревянных духовых, Оркестр медных духовых, Ансамбль духовых инструментов, Fanfare band
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I Ching Music
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Время звучания
Written November 1991

Premiered December 2 1991 St. Mary’s San Francisco

This is a work written for a Christmas program, but not at all limited to that particular event.

I was asked to write a three minute piece; and this is exactly that.

I used one of the themes from Mozart’s 25th symphony, as well as alternating thirds in accelerating rhythm as an accompaniment figure.

I would like to see this work used as the prelude for orchestra concerts when the Mozart symphony is played.

Im getting the final copy of the music and the demo ready in April of 2017, powerful memories came back to me. This took place in my second year in Sacramento Symphony full-time. The Sac. Symphony brass along with the San Jose Symphony brass put on a concert together in St. Mary's Cathedral in San Francisco. I said I would be glad to play for free, but I wanted to write a work for the concert; I feel this is a fair exchange, and I still would make this offer to perform in concerts when I can fit it in my schedule. In this instance in 1991 I had to fight a little to get this work on the program, even though the rehearsal went well. We did an quick second rehearsal just before the concert, after I insisted on the performance. When recording the demo, I fell this is a fine work.
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