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Aphrodite Knidos

Классика/Инструментальная • 2017

No.1 'Knidos'

Название пользователя: Aphrodite Knidos Suite

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Продавец Lincoln Brady
PDF, 842.6 Кб ID: SM-000323216 Дата публикации: 12 янв 2018
Классическая гитара
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Lincoln Brady
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Средний уровень
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Inspired by the ancient greek statue - "Aphrodite Knidos" by Praxiteles (4th Century BC)
- the most beautiful and well-known image from the classical Mediterranean world .
This suite for solo guitar combines ancient and modern elements conjuring a
mystical and ethereal sound-scape. One significant structural feature is the use of
the 'Olympos Pentatonic Scale' (7th Century BC.) in the 1st, 2nd and 4th movements,
though with modern tuning.
1. 'Knidos'
2. 'Evening Procession'
3. 'Star-Gazing'
4. 'Goddess'
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