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Now Truly Know Me

Классика/Ария • 2008 • Автор текста: David Mason • Альтернативное название: Chillingworth's Lament from The Scarlet Letter

Now Truly Know Me

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Продавец Lori Laitman
PDF, 865.4 Кб ID: SM-000326435 Дата публикации: 22 фев 2018
Фортепиано, Баритон
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Соло, Аккомпанирующее фортепиано
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In Act I, Scene 2 of The Scarlet Letter, Hester is found in her jail cell, having just been publicly accused of adultery. Her estranged husband, now calling himself Roger Chillingworth, enters the jail as a doctor to offer assistance to her ailing baby. As the two begin to recognize each other, Chillingworth sings of their past, betraying a vulnerability he will later quell when, in a spirit of frustrated rage, he will seek revenge for Hester's adultery.

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