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Boogie Cat


Boogie Cat

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Продавец Philip Kim
PDF, 2.04 Мб ID: SM-000347456 Дата публикации: 15 фев 2019
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Philip Kim
Philip Kim
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This is my most popular composition. It is a Boogie Woogie on a theme of (which has many names depending on the country) Neko Funjatta (ねこふんじゃった) in Japan. According to wikipedia It is known in Japan as Neko Funjatta (ねこふんじゃった?, I Stepped on the Cat), in Spain as La Chocolatera, in the Netherlands as Vlooienmars (Flea March), in Belgium as Valse de Puce (Flea Waltz), in Russia as Sobachiy Val's (Собачий Вальс, Dog Waltz), in Poland as Kotlety (Cutlet), in Bulgaria as Koteshki Marsh (Cat March), in Hungary as Szamárinduló (Donkey March), and in Majorca as Polca de los Tontos (Fools' Polka). In Mexico it is called Los Changuitos (The Little Monkeys), in Finland Kissanpolkka (Cat's Polka), in the Czech Republic "Prasečí valčík" (Pig Waltz) and in Slovakia "Somársky pochod" (Donkey March). In China it is called “跳蚤圆舞曲” (Flea Waltz). In the United Kingdom, the melody is known as Chopsticks, while in the US that name refers to another melody.

The piece is in the key of F-sharp or G-flat. Most of its notes are played on black keys. In my arrangement I have incorporated music from different composers such as Chopin's Black Key Etude, Mexican traditional song, Chopsticks by Euphemia Allen, and Rimsky-Korsakov's Flight of the Bumblebee.

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