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Two Israeli Suites for Harpsichord, Op.7

Классика/Современная • 1983

Two Israeli Suites for Harpsichord

Название пользователя: Two Israeli Suites for Harpsichord No.1 & 2, Op.7


Разместил(а) Henry Pool
PDF, 14.18 Мб ID: SM-000035689 Дата публикации: 06 сен 2010
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Henry Pool
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Both Suites consist like other dance suites of a series of dances and open with an overture - a prelude which in itself is a dance.
The First Suite continues then with a Hora (a standard Israeli dance), a Negba (called so after the Negev dessert; the music suggests people riding camels), a Sciulamitica (after Shulamit, the dancing "bride" in the Song of Songs), Galilea (picturing people dancing in the region of Galilea) and Giordana (picturing people dancing by the river Jordan).
The Second Suite continues after the overture with an Oriental Step (a dance from the Middle East), a Negba, a Sciulamitica, a Golana (picturing people dancing in the Golan) and a Giordana.
Each suite has six dances, everyone of them in a different mode, but as a total using all the existing "old" modes. The first suite has the C as keynote, the second one the G.
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