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Two Sonatas for Piano, No.3-4, Op.12

Классика/Современная • 1998

Two Sonatas for Piano, No.3-4

Название пользователя: Two Sonatas for Piano No. 3 & 4, Op.12


Разместил(а) Henry Pool
PDF, 42.22 Мб ID: SM-000036161 Дата публикации: 07 сен 2010
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Henry Pool
Уровень сложности
The Third Sonata is written in C-la (C minor) and has three movements (which is standard with this composer).
The first movement has the sonata form, the second is a gloomy funeral march with a peaceful, consoling trio and the third, in sonata form, has a lively rhythm because of its seven eighths measure and is very expressive of character.
The Fourth Sonata is written in G-do (G major) and has an optimistic character.
The first movement consists of an original theme with variations, the second is a minuet with its strict reverse complete with a trio with a less strict reverse and the third, in sonata form, is very playful of character.
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