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Seventh Sonata for Piano, Op.19 No.1

Классика/Современная • 2005

Seventh Sonata for Piano


Разместил(а) Henry Pool
PDF, 33.77 Мб ID: SM-000036341 Дата публикации: 08 сен 2010
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Henry Pool
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The Seventh Sonata is written in A-la (A minor).
The first movement consists of an original theme with variations.
The second movement is in lied form. The first theme has South-American characteristics, while the second theme is more meditative with harmonies, that slide smoothly one into another with as little changes possible.
The last movement is a fugue in which, at about the middle of it, appears the Song of Poverty (lyrics and music by the composer), which is printed as an appendix to this work.
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