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Variations on When Johnny Comes Marching Home

Классика • Альтернативное название: Variations on an Irish-American Folk Song

Variations on When Johnny Comes Marching Home

Название пользователя: Variations on 'When Johnny Comes Marching Home'

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Продавец Jason Sullivann
PDF, 1.22 Мб ID: SM-000372539 Дата публикации: 30 сен 2019
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Jason Sullivann
Jason Sullivann
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This set of Variations on the familiar “When Johnny Comes Marching Home” makes an excellent recital piece for intermediate pianists, as well as an entertaining version of the song for more advanced ones. Due to the short folk-song form of the original, it rarely appears in any kind of an extended format for Piano. The Variations explore changing textures and moods of the theme, rather than strict Classical-Pianistic techniques, in this case. This means that the original structure is followed very closely, and the catchy theme is repeated a bit more often than usual. The rousing final Variation, in a Major-key Sousa style, however, does convey that this Johnny does indeed Come Home.
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