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Magnificat 'Amy Beach'

Духовная музыка/Поклонение • 2020 • Автор текста: old sacred text

Magnificat 'Amy Beach'

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Продавец Olivia Sparkhall
PDF, 239.5 Кб ID: SM-000378768 Дата публикации: 08 янв 2020
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Olivia Sparkhall
Magnificat ‘Amy Beach’

A Nunc Dimittis appears in Arthur P. Schmidt’s Octavo Edition of 1891 alongside other sacred music for mixed voices. There is no record of the composer, Mrs H.H.A. Beach, having composed an accompanying Magnificat. This provides a solution to choirs wishing to sing Amy Beach’s Evening Canticles. An adaptation of phrases from the Nunc, with portions of Tone VIII, provides a partner which is sympathetic to Amy Beach’s style.

The chanted phrases have been split up amongst the choir, providing opportunity for a soloist from each voice-part to take a line each, and a chance for some unison chanting too. These are just suggestions. The option of having one cantor throughout would also work well. When chanting, it is conventional to sing in speech-rhythm, elongating the final two notes of each line.

The Nunc Dimittis can be downloaded, for free, from imslp.org.
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