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Классика/Инструментальная • 2007


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Продавец Edward Top
PDF, 293.8 Кб ID: SM-000053755 Дата публикации: 21 янв 2011
Фортепиано, Флейта, Виолончель, Вибрафон
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Edward Top
In this short four-minute work the conflict between two identities is central. Initially the musical language of Kwart appears to be of a modernistic nature; it is also highly contrapuntal in its texture.
However, the main motive is a clear reference to tonality: a major third,
c – e. This interval is repeated throughout the composition, mainly in the flute. Halfway the composition it becomes an even larger reference to tonality, where it is going back and forth between major and minor and balancing on the verge of a-minor. It is my intention to create a personal view on a universal style like post WWII-modernism, by using this style as a background against which this tonal reference is set. Despite the fact that this work is one of my more theoretical ones (inspiration did not come from extra-musical elements, which is usually the case in my composing), in terms of musical material it is the conflict between two opposing forces that creates the character of the work.
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