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Explosion for piano

Классика/Современная • 2007

Explosion for piano

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Продавец Man-Ching Donald Yu
PDF, 1.52 Мб ID: SM-000057904 Дата публикации: 19 фев 2011
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Man-Ching Donald Yu
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The piece is inspired by the 20c Spanish artist Dali‘s painting, explosion. In the piece, numerous abstract expressions are involved and it is delineated by several sections in which some kinds of abstract variations take place. Each section is clearly articulated by changes in registers and textures. The piece begins with a mysterious introductory gesture which is followed by groups of colourful harmonic patterns. Following this section, repeated motivic patterns are generated in different registers, and they gradually bring the music from lower states to intense climaxed states. The piece ends with the mysterious introductory gesture. The motivic materials of the piece are mainly unified and developed by pitch-classes (014) and (0156).
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