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My Bird Flew Away

Поп-музыка/Инструментальная • 2011

My Bird Flew Away

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Продавец Bestscore
PDF, 172.6 Кб ID: SM-000084100 Дата публикации: 30 ноя 2011
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Ми минор
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This is a new song for easy piano in light classical and pop style, written by my friend composer Feny Janalind and exclusively published by Just4Fun publishing as a digital score.

This music is full of the light sorrow and tenderness and must be performed very expressive, without any hurry, with air in the musical phrases.

The middle part is more vivid, the tempo can be a little faster, espessially in the beginning of the second page (agitato). But you can always adjust the tempo to your level of technique - the main thing is that you enjoy the music.
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