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Barbara's Prayer

Музыка кино и TV/Мюзикл • 2007 • Автор текста: Gary Edwards

Barbara's Prayer

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Продавец Gary Edwards
PDF, 489.0 Кб ID: SM-000086294 Дата публикации: 23 янв 2012
Фортепиано, Синтезатор, Флейта, Кларнет, Валторна, Тромбон, Труба, Туба, Скрипка, Альт, Виолончель, Контрабас, Электрогитара, Большой барабан, Саксофон альт, Саксофон тенор, Женский хор: Сопрано
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Соло, Камерный оркестр
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Gary Edwards
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"The Friendly Enemy" by Gary A. Edwards 00 Overture - Lights up. 01 The Spindle Party - Inside Barbara Ohler’s house in Tschippendorf, Romania in 1938, we see a young Saxon girl, Barbara, age 14, preparing for her first party as a young lady, ready for life to being. Barbara’s mother teaches the children lovingly about the traditions of the Saxon people, aliens in Romania for eight hundred years. One by one, friends arrive, bustling with excitement and rumors of a good-looking young man recently arrived from the city. 02 Barbara’s Prayer - Barbara’s father died young as a result of freezing as a POW in Siberia in World War One. As a half-orphan Barbara has to overcome poverty and discrimination. Being bright, Barbara was sent on scholarship to Bistritza, the regional town, and discovers electric lights, newspapers and other modern marvels for the first time. She returns to the village and becomes a paid teacher’s assistant. 03 Spinning Dance - The young people learn their region’s and ethnic group’s traditional songs and dances, as they dance and move about exuberantly. 05 Mike Meets Barbara (background music) - The boys arrive at the party. 05 Theme 1 - The new boy, Mike reveals that his father had travelled the world, which was highly unusual for Saxons. Mike had been born in the United States, and brought back to Romania when he was three months old. 05 Theme 2 - Mike’s rival, Michael Prall shows up to the party and challenges Mike’s flirtations with Barbara. 05 Theme 1a - Mike continues to tell his story; how he grew up in hardship but managed to obtain a position as assistant to the photographer of the King of Romania and had even been in the palace in Bucharest. 05 Spinning Dance theme 3 - Barbara and her friends were intrigued by Mike’s cosmopolitan experiences in Bucharest. Barbara’s mother has to cajole them into returning to their spinning work. 05a Romance Theme - The boys conspire to interrupt the spinning of the girls, knowing that tradition says if a boy should manage to steal a girl’s spindle, she has to kiss him to get it back. From this spark a long romance kindles. 06 Siebenburgen - The children join with the villagers to sing the Transylvanian State song. Occasionally ominous signs of troubles brewing in Europe start to appear. In September, 1939 Hungarian troops march into the village. It is announced that their state of Transylvania has been absorbed by Hungary. Suddenly the Saxon and Romanian languages and local currency are no longer valid. As Mike and Barbara flirt, the preacher interjects patriotic appeals for sacrifice to the youth in his sermons... but overall, the youth continue without questioning the turbulent events that quietly threaten their happiness. 07 After church Courtship - Mike and Barbara’s romance continues to grow as they flirt together after church. He coaxes her into standing outside in the snow, standing on his boots as they embrace chastely. Mike brings bouquets of wild strawberries to Barbara. 08 The Fight - Romance doesn’t come easy and Mike has obstacles to overcome including a jealous rival. The prize goes to the strongest and smartest, after tests of physical combat and vocational strength. 09 The Gypsy Polka and 10 Seven Step Dance - Barbara’s mother teaches the youth traditional folk dances and songs as Mike and Barbara’s flirtations continue to grow and nurture into a romantic courtship. Family Discussion - Courtship is a serious business as it can make the difference in a family’s survival. One faction likes Mike’s abilities to learn quickly and work hard. Another part of the family questions whether they will have to hold an umbrella over Mike’s head as he works in the fields under the hot sun. Finally, the consensus is that Mike can continue to see Barbara. 11 Happiness - Mike asks Barbara to marry him. She announces that he is too late; her family is already preparing for the wedding. 12 Seven Step Dance b - The villa
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