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Piano sonata No.4, MVWV 600

Классика/Пьеса • 2011 • Альтернативное название: "Les Cloches du Chymhiae"

Piano sonata No.4

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Продавец Maurice Verheul
PDF, 2.89 Мб ID: SM-000086419 Дата публикации: 26 янв 2012
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Maurice Verheul
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Очень сложно
Время звучания
This piano sonata is one of 4 sonata's I composed. The 5 one is under construction so to say.

This work is a big challenge for those who want to differentiate them selfs, with other words this work separates the men from the boys. This work is far from easy and "verry difficult (as seen below)" is an understatement.
To play this work is to make history and to be part of it.

Like I said; this work is not for every verry good pianist.
(Geoffrey Madge: "Your work certainly makes a deep impression, it would be without doubt very complex to bring it to a live performance but I think that you certainly have something to say and this is the important thing after all")

One of the theme's which I used in the second part of the sonata is taken from my second pianoconcerto.... I love this theme so much that I could not resist using it in my 4 sonata
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