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Tre Freschi per Organo, Op.19/126

Духовная музыка/Христианская • 1999 • Альтернативное название: Three Frescoes for Organ

Tre Freschi per Organo

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Продавец Alexey Kurbanov
PDF, 4.62 Мб ID: SM-000086565 Дата публикации: 30 янв 2012
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Alexey Kurbanov
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A little suite for organ in three parts. Inspired by the numerous frescoes from Our Savior Church at Kovalyovo near Novgorod (Russia), destroyed during the WWII and restored by the outstanding restaurator Alexander P. Grekov and his wife and colleague Valentina B. Grekova (dedicated to them). Names of the parts in English: I - " The Queen Appeared at the Right Side", II - "Archangels", III - "The Conversation for the 12 Years Old Jesus in the Temple of Jerusalem". Composed in December 1991, revised in 1996 and 1999 (awarded the 2nd prize at the young musicians` competition "The Coast Of Hope" in Dobrich, Bulgaria, in September 1996). The full recording of the Frescoes is to be found at www.f3music.com/163.
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