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Эвита • Waltz for Eva and Che

Музыка кино и TV/Мюзикл • Автор текста: Tim Rice

Для голоса и фортепиано (или гитары)

Ноты для печати • количество страниц: 10, ID: SM-000089925
Фортепиано, Голос, Классическая гитара
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comments Miranda Richards 22 июл 2016 14:26

Webber..as stunning as ever! I've finally got down to working on some of his pieces and I'm coming up with a number of beautiful discoveries! I thought I'd go for the most popular works like those from the Phantom of the Opera, but at a certain point I stepped 'aside' to explore his other masterpieces. This waltz has become one of my favorites to play on piano. It's one of the most tender, soothing and lyrical pieces that I've ever played.


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