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How to Publish Sheet Music


It is no secret that every composer works hard to ensure that his/her musical work finds its audience. A first step is the publication of sheet music. Often, composers do not know how to choose the right publisher and waste too much time and money. And yet, the effort to publish sheet music is much smaller than the one to succeed in reaching talented musicians and interested listeners. MusicaNeo is the right choice for this purpose: it is your own personal publisher platform and your own commercial and marketing agency. Our highly qualified staff automated all functionalities in a mature and well-organized platform at your service, which allows you to manage all processes and to control your fees, entirely by yourself, skipping the long chain of intermediaries between you and the potential purchaser of your music.

It only takes a few quick steps to publish your music scores at MusicaNeo

1. Register and Receive Your Own Personal Site and Sales Platform

After registering at MusicaNeo, you will be able to access your personal music platform, which includes a personal site, a shop, blog, gallery etc. Here, you can upload the sheet music you wish to publish (and for which you own the necessary rights, of course).

Your personal site: Select one of the predefined templates or order a unique design.
Your administrative area: Manage your personal data, sheet music and sales.

2. Publish Your Music Scores

MusicaNeo will guide you through the publishing process step by step and ask some questions which can help you to consider and respect the possible rights of others (which can include creators/composers of music and lyrics, translators, creators of derivations or arrangements as well as publishing houses).


Files Upload


Sheet music details


Participating Parties




Fees & licenses

In your profile area My Account, you can set the prices for downloads of sheet music as well as licenses for performances (if you own the performing rights and wish to grant such licenses). Your scores will be available on your personal site and you will be able to see every transaction in your personal account real-time!


3. Promote Your Sheet Music Sales

Besides the publication of sheet music on your personal site, your works will also be referenced in the sheet music catalogue on MusicaNeo. The details and descriptions, which you provide during the upload process will enhance the ability of thousands of MusicaNeo users and search engines worldwide to find your works.

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Your sheet music on your personal site
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Advantages of Publishing via MusicaNeo

  • Publishing via MusicaNeo does not cost you anything in advance.
  • MusicaNeo gives you all tools to publish, promote and distribute your music (sheet music as well as licenses) by yourself.
  • You maintain full control and copyrights of your scores.
  • You receive the unique possibility to sell your performing licenses directly to performers.
  • You get paid immediately and can easily transfer earned fees to your PayPal or bank account.
  • MusicaNeo provides you the connection to a growing community of music lovers, where you can find like-minded people, support and competent feedback.
  • MusicaNeo can save you time on transferring your manuscripts into a printable format by providing professional transliteration service.
  • You can emphasize your individuality by ordering a unique design for your personal site.
  • You can become part of Special Sheet Music Collections and Projects that are created within MusicaNeo community.

If you have any questions about how to publish your work on MusicaNeo, you can read the instructions in the "Help" section or ask us using this contact form.