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Domenico Scarlatti Sheet Music

Domenico Scarlatti

Domenico Scarlatti


Domenico Scarlatti, born in the same year as his contemporary Johann Sebastian Bach, was also one of the most outstanding musicians and to validate this assertion a completion between Scarlatti and Handel was once set up. The latter was the winner at the organ, but the former turned the tables at the harpsichord. Interestingly enough, Bach was to have taken part in the completion of the sort in 1717 but his rival scarpered in haste after hearing Bach playing recognizing the superiority of his contestant.

Even if the “duel” of Handel and Scarlatti had ended similarly, that is, it hadn’t taken place at all, it wouldn’t have given rise to any doubts as for the capabilities of the latter – his 555 sonatas for the harpsichord speak for themselves. Taking into account that these works are in no way stereotyped – each sonata is a masterpiece of a meticulous approach and striking boldness of harmony – it is quite natural that Scarlatti left his mark in history as the most famous Italian composer of the 18th century.

What amazes most is that despite the fame and wide recognition Scarlatti enjoyed only about 30 works of the composer were published during his life time! Our site, just in comparison, suggests a collection of Scarlatti’s works total number of which amounts to 1891, and not only can you download the sheet music but also print it out – a huge advantage for musicians of today.             

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