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Kirill Voljanin Sheet Music

Kirill Voljanin

Kirill Voljanin

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Kirill Voljanin is a popular Russian guitar player and composer. Kirill's music naturally continues the traditions of the Russian composers school. He got his first musical education from his father who was a music teacher and a composer too. Kirill graduated from the musical college where he studied classical guitar and, from the age of 16, worked in a philharmonic. Later he became the art director for commercial bands and the head of one of the best recording studios in Russia, the Soyuz Studios. But his guitar have always been giving its comfort and joy to the people and since 2000 Kirill have seriously reconsidered his life. He moved over musical “gigantism” to pursue romanticism and search for the great in the small by making classical guitar music. In his works you won't hear anything of the so called modern academic music. Kirill is a dedicated successor to the traditional Russian melodics. The style that Kirill himself calls “Russian Naïve.” His guitar doesn't try to compete with piano, his works don't try to reach new horizons, but it's always a musical theme of high quality, tastefully set out and skillfully arranged for a mature solo performance. Classical guitar has its own ways and excellent qualities. And Kirill Voljanin is their inspired admirer.