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Title Composers   Genre
4 Petits Morceaux Schäfer D. Classical: Piece
4 Ragtimes for piano Verheul M. Classical
4 Real Lavigne A. Rock
4 romances on verses by M.Tsvetaeva Domnikova M. Classical: Contemporary
4 Rubai of Khayyam Saboohi E. Classical: Choral music
4 simple studies for classical guitar (handwritten) Krylov A. Classical: Instrumental
4 Solo Pieces for Trombone, Op.9, 16, 62, 35 Chopin F. Classical: Piece
4 Solo Pieces for Trombone, Op.84, 70, 85, 26 Bruch M. Classical: Piece
4 Songs for alto and piano, based on poems of William Butler Yeats Verheul M. Classical: Song
4 Songs for alto and piano based on the poems of Allama Muhammad Iqbal Verheul M. Classical: Song
4 Studies on solo repertoire for bassoon Smalys Ž. Classical: Instrumental
4 Tango's for piano Verheul M. Classical: Piece
4 детских пьесы для фортепиано Suhanov S. Classical: Piece
4 причуды для альта и фортепиано Gonobolin A. Classical: Instrumental
4 фуги Komarov A. Classical: Fugue
4am (Cherry Ghost) Aldred S. Rock
4am (The Levellers) Heather C., Cunningham J., Sevink J., Chadwick M., Friend S. Rock: Indie
4Ever (The Veronicas) Gottwald L., Max Martin Pop
4th of July Mann A. World / Ethnic
4th of July (Fireworks) Burns A., Leroy D., Munson J.L., Jean Baptiste, Scheven J. Rhythm and blues: R&B
4x4 Haynes C., Cyrus M.R., Williams P. Pop
4x4 Garber J.R. Classical: Contemporary
4x4 for trombone quartet Freidlin J. Classical: Chamber music
5-1-5-0 (Dierks Bentley) Beavers B., Bentley D., Beavers J. Country
5 4 Residbegovic D. Classical: Instrumental

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