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Title Composers   Genre
3 Dutch Songs of the Sea folklore, Schooleman A.J., Viotta J.J. folklore, Schooleman A.J., Viotta J.J.
3 Easy Duets Allan Herbie Jones Classical: Instrumental
3 Exercises Czerny C. Classical
3 Flute Quartets for Flute and Piano, K.285/298/370 Mozart W.A. Classical
3 for Piano Solo, gk 292-294 Kuprevičius G. Blues: Instrumental
3 Idyllen, Op.71 Bendel F. Classical: Piece
3 Instants pour Piano Boussuge S. Classical: Contemporary
3 Jazz Fantasies, Op.84 Vihula M. Jazz: Instrumental
3 Jazz Heads, Op.5 Nickison M. Jazz: Instrumental
3 Legs McCartney P. Rock
3 Lieder, Op.29. No.1 Traum Durch die Dämmerung Strauss R. Classical: Vocal music
3 Lieder, Op.29. No.2 Schlagende Herzen Strauss R. Classical: Vocal music
3 Little pieces for Oboe Verheul M. Classical: Piece
3 lustige Kinderlieder folklore Classical: Song
3 nocturnes Biveinis K. Classical: Chamber music
3 Piano Pieces, Op.10 Schäfer D. Classical: Piece
3 pieces for flute (block flute), Op.42 Ksardas Classical: Piece
3 Pieces for Piano Tudor A. Classical: Instrumental
3 Pieces, Op.72 Bendel F. Classical: Piece
3 Piezas Insomnes Almada N.A. Classical: Contemporary
3 poems for Guitar and Mezzo soprano Verheul M. Classical: Song
3 preludies for piano Haidenko I. Classical: Piece
3 Quartets for Flute, Clarinet, Oboe and Bassoon Verheul M. Classical: Chamber music
3's and 7's (Queens of the Stone Age) Castillo J., Homme J., Leeuwen T.V. Rock
3 seasons for flute and piano Sakura M. Classical: Piece

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