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Jazz is often associated with ‘classical music’ and these two genres are in fact closely connected: Jazz is sometimes inspired by Classical music and the classical artists do find afflatus in Jazz. They say that true Jazz is improvised and this is the way it was created in the early 20th century in the urban zones of the Unites States. Back then, especially in the 20ies when Jazz was extremely popular, it served as an important means of uniting the young people, being tightly connected to nightlife and dancing – a sort of social unifier. This rhythmic music incorporates the elements of African-American culture with those of European music. King Oliver, Louis Armstrong, Paul Whiteman, Fletcher Henderson, Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman, Miles Davis, Charlie Parker and numerous other memorable musicians – their names are known to any Jazz lover of today. Most people would name saxophone as their first association with Jazz music but it’s not the only one. Also common are the trumpet, double bass, piano, and drums, but the list of instruments goes way further. As any music genre has the tendency to evolve and undergo certain modifications with time, Jazz, too, exists in various forms. Presented in our catalogue are the Ragtime, Dixieland, Latin, Bossa nova, Swing, Blues works, as well as instrumental, theory and vocal pieces. You can find both solo scores and sheet music for Jazz duets, bands and groups.

5728 compositions

Title Composers   Genre
A Little Bit of Heaven Ball E.R. Jazz
A Little Christmas Music Lena Orsa Jazz: Ragtime
A Little Jazz Malan J. Jazz: Instrumental
A Long Wait Pustilnik F. Jazz: Instrumental
A Lovely Way to Spend an Evening (Frank Sinatra) McHugh J. Jazz
A Lover's Concerto (The Toys) Randell D., Linzer S. Jazz
A Man and a Woman (Un Homme Et Une Femme) Lai F. Jazz
A Map of the World Metheny P. Jazz
A Media Luz (The Light of Love) Donato E., Flores E. Jazz
A Merry Christmas (jazzy arrangement) folklore Jazz
A Mindless Care Th.Mann Jazz: Ragtime
A Moment Of Autumn - big-band SorokinJazz Jazz: Swing
A Monk Swimming Cuss M. Jazz: Instrumental
A Nation Once Again Davis T. Jazz
A New Name in Glory Miles C.A. Jazz
A Night Dance In Rio Katz J. Jazz: Latin
A Night In Tunisia Gillespie D., Paparelli F. Jazz
A Night On Bop Mountain (Chet Baker) Winding K. Jazz
A-OK (for two horn jazz combo) Grigg J. Jazz: Swing
A Paris (Zaz) Lemarque F. Jazz
A Player To Be Named Hasper J. Jazz: Instrumental
A Puff of Smoke for flute, horn and drum set, Op.17 Burdick R. Jazz: Instrumental
A Question of Hope Garcia A.J. Jazz
A Ragtime Nightmare Turpin T. Jazz
A Rainy Day Pustilnik F. Jazz: Instrumental

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