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With ‘pop’ virtually meaning ‘popular’, Pop music is a very general term which is used to refer to music that is actually ‘meant’ to be widely popular and cover the broadest audience of listeners. The term itself was used for the first time in 1926 to focus on the mass music with a popular appeal. But what sort of music is that? Early Pop was mostly formed by the sentimental ballads that most teens could relate to. At various stages of history, Pop music could represent different genres that were skillfully marketed to mainly the teenagers and younger adults by the record labels. Thus, the 50ies had Blues, Rockabilly and Rock’n’Roll as the ruling genres, so the Pop stars of the time were Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley, for example. Later on, folk tunes took up the torch and such genres as Folk and Acid Rock were created, among others. The 1980ies saw the advent of nightclub dance music, so Disco music was the dominant Pop music of the epoch. New Wave, Grunge, Blues, R&B have also been in the center of attention. Pop music often comes with the title of Pop ‘King/Queen’ to define the most famous artist of the time. This title was unofficially hold by such musicians as Elvis Presley (‘King of Rock’n’Roll’), Paul Whiteman (‘King of Jazz’), Benny Goodman (‘King of Swing’), Aretha Franklin (‘Queen of Soul’), Michael Jackson (‘King of Pop’), David Bowie (‘King of Glam Rock’), Madonna/Mariah Carey (‘Queen of Pop’), Beyonce/Rihanna (‘Queen of R&B’) and others. Our catalogue contains over 17 000 music scores of popular songs and melodies. Those are official scores and arrangements by the authorized sheet music publishers and original compositions by modern Pop authors.

22306 compositions

Title Composers   Genre
These Dreams Croce J. Pop
These Four Walls (Miley Cyrus) Preven A., Cutler S. Pop
These Hands Deyo J. Pop
These Streets Nutini P., Wilkinson P., Erasmus S. Pop
These Things Take Time (Sanctus Real) Rohman C., Hammitt M., Stevens C., Graalman M., Gartley D. Pop
These Walls (Teddy Geiger) Wallace P., Geiger J.T., Coen B. Pop
These Words (Natasha Bedingfield) Frampton A., Kipner S.A., Wilkins W. Pop
They Can't Take Away Our Music (War) Miller C.W., Brown H.R., Scott H., Goldstein J., Jordan L.L. Pop
They Don't Know MacColl K. Pop
They Don't Know About Us (One Direction) Wallevik P., Ottoh T., Gregersen T. Pop
They Don't Know (Alexandra Burke) Seals B.K., Fauntleroy II J. Pop
They don't Know (Ariana Grande) Timberlake J., Kotecha S., Ilya Pop
They (Jem) Young G., Griffiths J., Swingle W. Pop
They'll be Back! Faber N. Pop
They Love Each Other (Grateful Dead) Garcia J., Hunter R. Pop
They're Changing Guard at Buckingham Palace Simson H.F. Pop
They're Either Too Young or Too Old Schwartz A., Loesser F. Pop
They Were Doing the Mambo Raye D., Burke S. Pop
Thief of Hearts (Tina Turner) Rich A., Friedman J., Hattler H., Kraus J. Pop
Things Can Only Get Better (D:Ream) Petrie J., Cunnah P. Pop
Things Change Yoakam D. Pop
Things I'll Never Say Lavigne A., Edwards G., Christy L., Spock S. Pop
Things That Go Bump in the Night Klose C. Pop
Things That Never Die Sirett M. Pop
Things We Go Through (Hawk Nelson) Clark D., McNevan T., Biro D., Dunn J., Paige M. Pop

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