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Something that is classic generally means it will be enjoyed for many generations to come. This is what can describe the genre of Classical music in a pretty good way. The term itself was coined in the 19th century thanks to the names of classical composers like Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven whose work was acknowledged as true masterpiece of music art. Vivaldi, Brahms, Mahler, Wagner, Haydn, Shostakovich, Tchaikovsky, Elgar, Debussy and other outstanding composers of this genre are already known to the entire world and can already be called what is known as ‘trademark’ today. Their music has been the base for today’s musicians to learn, get inspired and create. In contrast to Folk music that is created by simple members of a people, or to the Pop music that is meant to catch on fast and serve mainly as temporary entertainment, Classical music is the ‘art music’ and normally requires a deeper understanding. However, today it has stepped out of the traditional concert halls too – classical works may get no less popular than pop music hits, and contemporary composers keep writing and experimenting in this music genre. Due to the broad scale of emotions such music can induce – happiness, sadness, anxiety, anger, awe, peacefulness – it is often used in everyday culture including television, film industry, and major life occasions. Our catalogue is your universal source of sheet music to works by classically trained musicians, epochal and contemporary. All possible forms from symphonies, operas, and concertos to etudes, songs and suites are available online at various levels of complexity.

72021 compositions

Title Composers   Genre
Школа вокала А. А. Владимирова Aleksandr Vladimirov Classical: Etude
Школьная полька Zatynchenko A. Classical: Piece
Школьный вальс, Op.10 Akulyan M. Classical
Школьный вальс, Op.28 Shadsky A. Classical: Piece
Шопен Gryaznov V. Classical: Piece
Шорино (трио) Kopenkov O. Classical: Contemporary
Шоро Lukyanchikov O. Classical: Piece
Шоро Vetushko S. Classical: Piece
Шоро, Op.16 Kopenkov O. Classical: Piece
Шоро по-славянски, Ор.33 No.12 Kopenkov O. Classical: Contemporary
Шторм. Любовь должна быть сильнее Pershin V. Classical: Instrumental
Шторм над Мадридом (Этюд) Schenitsyn K. Classical: Etude
Шторм - 9 баллов, Op.8 Akulyan M. Classical: Piece
Шум дождя Pershin V. Classical: Instrumental
Шум моря Pershin V. Classical: Instrumental
Шум прибоя Zatynchenko A. Classical: Piece
Шут Gryaznov V. Classical: Piece
Шутка Schenitsyn K. Classical: Piece
Шутка Gryaznov V. Classical: Piece
Шутка Morozov P. Classical: Piece
Шуточная Gerasimchuk L. Classical: Contemporary
Шуточная, Op.2 Akulyan M. Classical: Piece
Шуточный вальс Schenitsyn K. Classical: Piece
Шуточный марш Schenitsyn K. Classical: Piece
Шуточный фокстрот Schenitsyn K. Classical: Piece

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