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441 compositions

Title Composers   Genre
The Christmas Waltze Pulsford J., Jackson P. Pop: Song
The first Nowell (Christmas pop No. 4) Unknown (works before 1850) Pop: Song
The Grass is Always Greener, Op.210 JHFP Pop: Song
The Immortal Regiment Lena Orsa Pop: Song
The Last Polar Bear Lovell J. Pop: Song
The Light, Op.121 JHFP Pop: Song
The mountain's ghost Wohler A. Pop: Song
The Prayer Sager C.B., Foster D. Pop: Song
The Recluse Pekarovic A. Pop: Song
The return of the deep purple Wohler A. Pop: Song
The Snow Queen Edwards B. Pop: Song
The Way Old Friends Do (ABBA) Andersson B., Ulvaeus B. Pop: Song
The Winner Takes it All (ABBA) Andersson B., Ulvaeus B. Pop: Song
Third From the Sun Kilburn J. Pop: Song
This Time, Op.176 JHFP Pop: Song
Tie Up the Rain (With a Bow) Richardson E. Pop: Song
Tierra mía Manuel San José V. Pop: Song
Too much love ain't good for you, Op.250 JHFP Pop: Song
Tragic Magic, Op.15 JHFP Pop: Song
Train Song Lena Orsa Pop: Song
Tramp and Flower Pekarovic A. Pop: Song
Travelling Song Walker H. Pop: Song
Two People Can Be Lovers, Op.134 JHFP Pop: Song
Udo, du ... Wohler A. Pop: Song
Unprepared Patton R. Pop: Song

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