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Title Composers   Genre
Ave Maria Pietas (Andrea Bocelli) Malavasi M. Pop: Song
Bad Romance (Lady Gaga) RedOne, Germanotta S. Pop: Song
Bag Packed for Ingwell Jeffrey Cumber Pop: Song
Be Lagom Butler N. Pop: Song
Belarusian Independence Day Davydov A. Pop: Song
Bez Twojej Milosci Gaggioli M. Pop: Song
Big Bad World Edenroth A. Pop: Song
Blaydon Races Geordie Ridley Pop: Song
Born This Way Garibay F., Laursen J., Blair P., Germanotta S. Pop: Song
Breeze Around The Bay Butler N. Pop: Song
Brownie Tarapatova M. Pop: Song
Build Bridges not Walls JJ Pop: Song
Bunny, kids song Lena Orsa Pop: Song
Businessman Avni B. Pop: Song
Butterfly Tanuwijaya J. Pop: Song
C'è un'isola nel mare D'Andrea H. Pop: Song
Cain Rose Up (I Hate Menthols) Butler N. Pop: Song
Call the Police Eg White Pop: Song
Camomile Tarapatova M. Pop: Song
Can't Get You Out of My Head (Kylie Minogue) Dennis C., Davis R. Pop: Song
Carnival Song for children's voices and guitar chords Solomons D.W. Pop: Song
Carnival Time, Op.62 JHFP Pop: Song
Carrier Dove Lena Orsa Pop: Song
Catching the Big Fish Morten Vinther Pop: Song
Changes, Op.77 JHFP Pop: Song

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