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441 compositions

Title Composers   Genre
Hand In Hand JJ Pop: Song
Happy Song, Op.56 JHFP Pop: Song
Healing Love Pekarovic A. Pop: Song
Here is a Child Lovell J. Pop: Song
Hey Pekarovic A. Pop: Song
Hold On To Me, Op.206 JHFP Pop: Song
Hollywood Night, Op.224 JHFP Pop: Song
Holy night Wohler A. Pop: Song
Holy Night Stepanov D. Pop: Song
Hot Nights Pekarovic A. Pop: Song
I Am Enough Kilburn J., Liles T. Pop: Song
I Don't Speak Polsku Gaggioli M. Pop: Song
I Hate This Part (Pussycat Dolls) Jeberg J., Secon L., Hansen M., Hector W.A. Pop: Song
I'll Always Come Smucker J. Pop: Song
I'll never stop loving you, Op.220 JHFP Pop: Song
I'm a Slave 4 U Hugo C.E., Williams P. Pop: Song
I Need You Pekarovic A. Pop: Song
I Never Wanted Nothing, Op.23 JHFP Pop: Song
I Wanna Do It All Newkirk Jr J. Pop: Song
I Will Be (Leona Lewis) Lavigne A., Gottwald L., Max Martin Pop: Song
If Only Stallwood M. Pop: Song
If Only (Andrea Bocelli) Sartori F., Malavasi M. Pop: Song
Il nonno e il bambino, beat song, children and modern orchestra Cara S. Pop: Song
Imagine Lennon J. Pop: Song
Imagine, for Piano Lennon J. Pop: Song

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