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441 compositions

Title Composers   Genre
Ingenuity Leiffer J. Pop: Song
Into the Light Jeffrey Cumber Pop: Song
Is it too late?, Op.205 JHFP Pop: Song
It's A Snow Day! Gaulke J. Pop: Song
It's Now or Never (Elvis Presley) Capua E.d., Schroeder A., Gold W. Pop: Song
It's Why I Dream Kilburn J. Pop: Song
Jar of Hearts Yeretsian B., Perri C., Lawrence D. Pop: Song
Je n'ai pas peur D'Andrea H. Pop: Song
Jestem Wolna Gaggioli M. Pop: Song
John Kanaka folklore Pop: Song
Jolly Old Saint Nicholas with Up On The Housetop Hanby B.R., Pierpont J.L. Pop: Song
Just a Woman in Love Bolcom W. Pop: Song
Kitiket Tarapatova M. Pop: Song
Kühe Wohler A. Pop: Song
Lady of the Evening (Dick Haymes) Berlin I. Pop: Song
Lagrimas de amor 'Slowly'. Santino Cara - Pedro Gracia Diaz - Chapy Cara S. Pop: Song
Leicht wie eine Feder (sei dein Leben) Wohler A. Pop: Song
Les anges dans nos campagnes, Angels We Have Heard Unknown (works before 1850) Pop: Song
Let's Hang On Crewe B., Randell D., Linzer S. Pop: Song
Life Lovell J. Pop: Song
Lime Jello Marshmallow Cottage Cheese Surprise Bolcom W. Pop: Song
Little Mr. Apathy Butler N. Pop: Song
Loser, Op.15 Thomas J. Pop: Song
Lost in space Wohler A. Pop: Song
Love my baby Solovyov D. Pop: Song

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