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Title Composers   Genre
1st Inversion Boogie Johnson Y. Blues: Boogie-woogie
3 Billion Birds Edwards B. Blues: Vocal
3 for Piano Solo, gk 292-294 Kuprevičius G. Blues: Instrumental
4 Gallow Songs Müller R. Blues: Vocal
5 Fun Piano Boogies for Kids Jefferies N. Blues: Boogie-woogie
5 solos for snare drum Chebotarev A. Blues
5 пьес для шестиструнной гитары, Op.17 Stasiuk Y. Blues: Instrumental
7th Inning Stretch, Op.3 No.1 Tilzer H.v. Blues: Blues-rock
9 choirs from 'Tatusewa Kniga' / 'Daddy's Book', Op.85a Orkin E. Blues: Vocal
9 Spirituals Duets folklore Blues
9 Spirituals Trios folklore Blues
10 Rags, Ragatinas & Novelty Tunes Stallwood M. Blues
12 By 12 & A Bit Blues Thomson R. Blues: Instrumental
32-20 Blues Johnson R. Blues
32-20 Blues (Eric Clapton) Johnson R.L. Blues
32 Grooves für Drumset Holmer M. Blues: Instrumental
36 етюдів для шестиструнної гітари, Oр.5 Stasiuk Y. Blues: Instrumental
44 Blues Sykes R. Blues
51st Anniversary Hendrix J. Blues: Blues-rock
1972 Leite Soares R. Blues: Instrumental
1983...(A Merman I Should Turn to be) Hendrix J. Blues: Blues-rock
2022 Blues Thomson R. Blues
A arte Circense Welbert Almeida Blues: Instrumental
A bird in a stormy sea, Op.10 No.22 Koshkina V. Blues: Instrumental
A Boogie Beat Pustilnik F. Blues: Blues-rock

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