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2154 compositions

Title Composers   Genre
Anna Alexander A. Blues
Annemarie-Polka Gross F. Blues
Another Ticket Clapton E. Blues: Blues-rock
Answer to the Laundromat Blues King A. Blues: Blues-rock
Anunciação Leite Soares R. Blues: Instrumental
Any Day Whitlock B., Clapton E. Blues: Blues-rock
Anytime, Op.252 JHFP Blues: Vocal
Aos pés da Cruz do Gavião Leite Soares R. Blues: Instrumental
Aprilwetter Gross F. Blues: Instrumental
Aquarius Wohler A. Blues: Blues-rock
Arblueggio Thomson R. Blues
Are You Experienced? Hendrix J. Blues: Blues-rock
Ariel Birch D. Blues
Arpeggio (based on Caprice No.1 in E major) Paganini N. Blues: Instrumental
Arrested for Driving While Blind (ZZ Top) Gibbons B.F., Hill D., Beard F.L. Blues: Blues-rock
As the Crow Flies White T.J. Blues
As the Years Go Passing By Malone D. Blues: Blues-rock
Asexual Blues – song for alto and guitar Solomons D.W. Blues: Vocal
Ask Me No Questions King B. Blues: Blues-rock
Asking Around for You Himelstein M. Blues: Blues-rock
Assumpta est Maria - for SAT Choir Aichinger G. Blues: Vocal
Astro Man Hendrix J. Blues: Blues-rock
Auerbacher Marsch Gross F. Blues
Auf dem Wasser Otto E.J. Blues: Vocal
Aunt Hagar's Blues Handy W.C., Brymn J.T. Blues

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