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Rock music is the music that rocks. Well, it would be much easier if the definition was that simple, right? But this music genre is a very complex notion with lots of shapes, moods and nuances behind. Having a little of ‘everything’ – Rhythm and Blues, Folk, Country, Jazz and even Classical music – today Rock is a wild mixture that is cherished by a huge audience of music lovers worldwide. What we know for sure is that it originated from Rock’n’Roll in the 40-50ies and developed into a separate genre in the UK and the US in the late 60ies. Technically, Rock music could be characterized as a genre centered on the electric guitar with an amplifier, played in a band with the drums, electric bass and a singer (or more). The band would typically perform a verse-chorus type of song in a 4/4 signature. This is the most wide-spread association with the genre but the truth is it has become extremely multifaceted and diverse and can no longer fall under a single definition. The history generated numerous hybrids of Rock and to name all of then one would have to enumerate almost every genre of music there is. Thus, the possible forms of Rock are Blues, Folk, Country, Jazz, Progressive, Glam, Heavy Metal, Indie, Punk, New Wave, Rap, Psychedelic, Britpop, Garage, Grunge, Alternative – and there are more. While Pop music has its ‘Kings’ and ‘Queens’, the main unofficial title in Rock would be a ‘Rock Star’. Looking back at the long history of this genre, one can name a lot of title-holders like Mick Jagger, Prince, David Bowie, Kurt Cobain (Metallica), Sid Vicious (The Sex Pistols), Keith Richards (The Rolling Stones), Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Chuck Berry, Bruce Springsteen, Keith Moon (The Who), Tom Waits, Freddy Mercury (Queen) and many-many others. It is hard to say what the common instruments in the Rock music of today are. If earlier electric/bass/acoustic guitar, drums, synthesizers and keyboards prevailed, nowadays you can see any instrument involved, depending of the form. Our sheet music catalogue is meant to provide the Rock music lovers with the scores of any type, difficulty and cost.

16326 compositions

Title Composers   Genre
Zeitreise (Unheilig) Der Graf, Masbaum C. Rock
Zenland Johnson E. Rock
Zero (Alter Bridge) Tremonti M., Kennedy M. Rock: Metal
Zero (Yeah Yeah Yeahs) Chase B., Karen O, Zinner N. Rock
Zig Zag (George Harrison) Lynne J. Rock
Ziggy Stardust Bowie D. Rock
Zombie (The Cranberries) O'Riordan D. Rock
Zombieland Brinker R.A. Rock: Metal
Zomby Woof Zappa F. Rock
Zoo Station U2 Rock
Zoom (The Commodores) LaPread R. Rock
Zooropa U2 Rock
Zugg Island Convict (John 5) Harding J.T., Savigar K. Rock
Zwischen Licht und Schatten (Unheilig) Der Graf, Verlage H., Tombuelt M. Rock
ZZYZX Rd. (Stone Sour) Taylor C., Root J., Rand J., Economaki S. Rock: Metal
Безмятежное время Solovyov D. Rock: Song
В ущелье сломанных мечей. Мелодия с аккордами Gridchin O. Rock
Волкодав. Мелодия с аккордами Saushkin K. Rock
Волкодав. Мелодия с аккордами Melnitsa Rock
Воскресение Afanasyev O. Rock: Instrumental
Воспоминание Shoshin A. Rock: Instrumental
Вращение Strugov A. Rock: Song
Вспомни о нас Orenburgsky A. Rock: Song
Дочь Фараона Strugov A. Rock: Song
Здравствуй, Калифорния, Op.10 Akulyan M. Rock: Metal

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