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Rock/Metal Sheet Music


1924 compositions

Title Composers   Genre
1,320' (Megadeth) Mustaine D. Rock: Metal
1st Person (Stone Sour) Taylor C., Root J., Rand J., Economaki S. Rock: Metal
2x4 (Metallica) Hetfield J., Hammett K., Ulrich L. Rock: Metal
4 Degrees (Tool) Jones A., Carey D., Keenan M.J., D'Amour P. Rock: Metal
7 Minutes in Heaven (Fall Out Boy) Hurley A., Trohman J., Stump P., Wentz P. Rock: Metal
10 or a 2-Way (Korn) Ross A., Silveria D., Edwards G., Shaffer J., Davis J. Rock: Metal
11 Silver (Ozzy Osbourne) Churko K., Wylde Z. Rock: Metal
13 (Megadeth) Mustaine D., Karkazis J. Rock: Metal
16 Dollars (Volbeat) Poulsen M. Rock: Metal
21 Guns (Green Day) Armstrong B.J., Bowie D., Tré Cool, Phillips J., Pritchard M. Rock: Metal
30-30/150 (Stone Sour) Taylor C., Root J., Rand J., Economaki S. Rock: Metal
44 Minutes (Megadeth) Mustaine D. Rock: Metal
53rd and 3rd (Metallica) Dee Dee Ramone, Ramone J., Ramone J., Ramone T. Rock: Metal
88 (Sum 41) Whibley D., Nori G.A. Rock: Metal
99 Ways to Die (Megadeth) Ellefson D., Mustaine D., Menza N. Rock: Metal
100 Ways to Hate (Five Finger Death Punch) Moody I.L., Jason Hook, Spencer J., Churko K., Bathory Z. Rock: Metal
...And Justice for All (Metallica) Hetfield J., Hammett K., Ulrich L. Rock: Metal
(Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth (Metallica) Burton C. Rock: Metal
A Boy Brushed Red (Underoath) Smith J., Brandell G., Chamberlain S., McTague T., Gillespie A. Rock: Metal
A Cool New Way Satriani J. Rock: Metal
A Crow Left of the Murder (Incubus) Boyd B., Pasillas II J., Einziger M. Rock: Metal
A Dangerous Meeting (Mercyful Fate) Sherman H., King Diamond Rock: Metal
A Greater Foundation (As I Lay Dying) Mancino J., Sgrosso P., Hipa S., Lambesis T., Gilbert J. Rock: Metal
A.I.R. (Anthrax) Benante C., Spitz D., Bello F., Bellardini J., Rosenfeld S.I. Rock: Metal
A Lil' Ain't Enough Neville R. Rock: Metal

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