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Electro-acoustic devices/Tape Sheet Music


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  Title Composers   Genre and Instrumentation Price, USD    
Baroque Shapes and Space Music for horn and tape, Op.77 Burdick R. Classical: Chamber music - Horn, Tape 30.00
Echoing Your Voice Just Like the Ringing in my Ears Ingebritsen R. Classical: Electroacoustic - Tubular Bells, Snare drum, Timpani, Vibraphone, Cymbals, Tam-tam, Bass drum, Tenor Drum, Stereo Speakers, Crotales, Wind Chime, Tape 20.00
Goethoven Vaz G.N. Classical - Piano, Soprano, Tape Free
Its my mistake, Op.178 JHFP Pop: Ballad - Piano, Electric guitar, Bass guitar, Voice, Drum set, Tape, Synth Bass, Mixed choir: - Arr. JHFP Free
Moments when we See, for horn and tape, Op.44 Burdick R. Classical: Chamber music - Horn, Tape 10.00
Slide Kokoras P. Classical: Contemporary - Classical guitar, Tape 5.00
Sonic Vertigo Kokoras P. Classical: Contemporary - Mixed choir, Tape 5.00
The voice of the wind Jorge Calleja Classical: Electroacoustic - Oboe, Tape 10.00
Too much love ain't good for you, Op.250 JHFP Pop: Song - Acoustic guitar, Electric guitar, Bass guitar, Tenor, Conga, Drum set, Tape, Semi-acoustic guitar, Male choir: - Arr. JHFP 2.50
Vista 'Gates' for clarinet, horn and videotape, Op.135 Burdick R. Classical: Chamber music - Clarinet, Horn, Tape Free
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