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Violin Sheet Music

Catalog of downloadable and printable sheet music for violin includes 35877 pieces. 6846 scores you can download for free.
Wilhelm Heinrich Ernst

Concert Pieces for Violinists Violin virtuoso Heinrich Wilhelm Ernst created various compositions for violin. His famous Six Polyphonic Etudes and other compositions for violin are presented in the MusicaNeo catalogue. Discover new concert sheet music!

Louis Spohr

Violin Sheet Music by Louis Spohr Compositions by Louis Spohr, a widely known German composer and violinist, can be found in repertoire of many violinists. Violin sheet music by Louis Spohr including violin concertos, etudes and pieces for violin can be downloaded online.

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The history of the violin comprises a large number of legends. J. Tartini claimed that his creation of the famous «Devil’s Trill Sonata” was inspired by his dream of Lucifer personal playing it on the violin. N. Paganini was said to have finished playing on just one string of his violin when other three strings sabotaged by his adversaries broke at a major performance. The secret of A. Stradivari’s instruments unique sounding has never been revealed by luthiers and is believed to be hidden in the specific composition of the varnish he used.

No matter how many supernatural powers have been attributed to the violin one thing is certain: its design is replete with incredible performing possibilities. The sound of the violin is capable of rendering the intonations of human voice. In the polyphonic compositions of J. Bach, H. Ernst, E. Ysaye and others the four strings of the violin sound like a full-size orchestra. The violin is in its own right considered the queen of concert halls thanks to the genre of the violin concerto. The true gems of the world music art are the violin concertos of P. Tchaikovsky, I. Sibelius, L.v. Beethoven, J. Brahms, F. Mendelssohn, D. Shostakovich, B. Bartok, W. Mozart, and A. Vivaldi.

The violin sheet music catalog is aimed at helping performers find scores of any genre and level of complexity. Contemporary composers from around the globe have created numerous compositions for the violin producing a multifaceted picture of the modern performing art. Now available in the digitized form are compositions for the violin solo, violin duets, sonatas and suites, etudes and drills, violin concertos and orchestral works which comprise just a minor portion of the sheet music collection.

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Violin Sheet Music