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Plucked strings/Mandolin Sheet Music


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  Title Composers   Genre and Instrumentation Price, USD    
Au son des harpes 'Melodie'. For mandolin and harp – mandolin part Cottin A. Classical - Mandolin 1.50
Aubade et Chant d'amour Cottin A. Classical: Piece - Violin, Acoustic guitar, Mandolin 1.45
Austrian National Hymn, Hob.XXVIa/43. For two mandolins Haydn J. Classical: Instrumental - Mandolin - Arr. Cottin J. Free
Ave Maria. For mandolin and guitar Luzzi L. Classical: Instrumental - Mandolin, Classical guitar - Arr. Graziani-Walter C. 2.00
Ave Maria. For mandolin and piano Luzzi L. Classical: Instrumental - Piano, Mandolin - Arr. Graziani-Walter C. Free
Avec Toi! Gillet E. Classical: Instrumental - Mandolin - Arr. Pietrapertosa J. 1.00
Baby Princess. For quartet Kolgan S. Classical: Piece - Accordion, Flute, Recorder, Pan flute, Violin, Viola, Acoustic guitar, Domra, Harp, Lute, Mandolin, Dulcimer, Vihuela, Ocarina, Classical guitar - Arr. Krasnogir I. Free
Bacio D'Angelo (Angel's Kiss), Op.38 Cambria S. Classical: Instrumental - Piano, Mandolin, Mandola, Classical guitar, Mandoloncello Free
Bagatella per violino, mandolino e mandola, sl 054 Loetzke S. Classical: Chamber music - Violin, Mandolin, Mandola Free
Ballad 'I Will Love You More'. Parts Chistyakov D. Classical: Piece - Piano, Celesta, Clavichord, Electric piano, Synthesizer, Harpsichord, Organ, Flute, Recorder, Bassoon, Oboe, Pan flute, Trumpet, Violin, Double bass, Acoustic guitar, Electric guitar, Baroque guitar, Bass guitar, Balalaika, Domra, Lute, Mandolin, Glockenspiel, Vibraphone, Soprano, Mezzo-soprano, Contralto, Children’s voice, Shakuhachi, Voice, Clavinet, Chalumeau, Keyboard, Vihuela, Sampler, Flugelhorn, Computer generated sound, Bass Tuba, Theremin, Bansuri Free
Beaucoup! Monti V. Classical: Instrumental - Piano, Violin, Mandolin Free
Beauty Queen. For quartet Kolgan S. Classical: Piece - Accordion, Flute, Saxophone, Acoustic guitar, Domra, Mandolin, Acoustic 12-string guitar, Classical guitar, Ukulele, Pedal Piano, Semi-acoustic guitar - Arr. Krasnogir I. Free
Before I'd be a Salve - Mandolin Trio folklore Classical: Instrumental - Mandolin - Arr. Reichenbach M. 1.00
Bella, Op.113. For violin (or mandolin) Waldteufel É. Classical: Instrumental - Violin, Mandolin Free
Beneath Thy Window Hucke G.H. Classical: Instrumental - Mandolin, Classical guitar Free
Bestiaire for narrator, celtic harp, mandolin and guitar Brenet T. Classical - Mandolin, Narrator, Classical guitar, Celtic harp 25.95
Between The Sea and The Sky (for mandolin orchestra) Ishibashi K. Classical: Contemporary - Double bass, Mandolin, Mandola, Classical guitar 35.00
Big Yellow Taxi. For mandolin Mitchell J. Pop - Mandolin 1.99
Blarney Pilgrim. For mandolin and tenor banjo folklore World / Ethnic: Irish - Acoustic guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Mandola, Classical guitar - Arr. Dan Joseph 1.00
Blowin' in the Wind. For mandolin Dylan B. Pop - Mandolin 1.99
Bonjour Hitz F. Classical: Instrumental - Violin, Mandolin Free
Branle des Chevaux. For quartet (or quintet) Arbeau T. Classical: Arrangement - Recorder, Cello, Mandolin, Tambourine, Bass drum - Arr. Draganova D. 2.40
Bransle de Village Ballard R. Classical: Instrumental - Violin, Fiddle, Mandolin, Classical guitar - Arr. Reichenbach M. 2.00
Breathe (Faith Hill). For mandolin Lamar H., Bentley S. Pop - Mandolin 1.99
Brise d'été Cottin A. Classical: Instrumental - Mandolin, Classical guitar 3.00

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