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Titania's Song

Classical/Song • Lyricist: William Shakespeare

Titania's Song

Printable sheet music file, 1 copy • 7 pages, ID: SM-000114773
Piano, Soprano
“Titania's Song” is a music composition by Australian composer, writer, teacher and actress Alison Bauld. It is one of Alison’s most recent music works. “Titania’s Song” was written for piano and soprano and recorded in 2009 by Elizabeth Atherton for The NMC Songbook. Being an actress herself, in her music compositions Alison Bauld tries to combine music with the elements of theater. Titania refers to the character of the queen of the fairies from William Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”.
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comments Ivonne Kröger 08 Jul 2014 12:30

wunderschönes Stück für Sopran, wird auf Klavier gut gespielt

comments Aurelia 20 Jun 2014 15:20

We are going to make our own staging of Midsummer's Night Dream at college and I'm singing Titania's lullaby in choir! Thx for the score!