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Europe in Chains. (1943)

Classical/Contemporary • 2006

Europe in Chains. (1943)

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Sonja Grossner
When Duncan suggested to write a piano piece surrounding the impressions around my mother's
sculpture, ' Europe in Chains', I found that it was quite a challenge.
My mother, was a well renowned sculptress in the former German Democratic Republic, and I was able to save the most of her works in spite of many bureaucratic
political problems on my own return to the UK.
This sculpture was created 1943 and expresses a positive and optimistic view.My composition has three movements, like a sonata.
1) Allegro con anima.
2) Andante con dolore.
3) Moderato con energia.
In this piece are four well-known tunes hidden that I have used in order to create an atmosphere of
Europe. It is up to the listener to find and hear them.
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0:00 Europe in Chains. (1943)