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With This Child: Christmas Cantata for Treble Voices and Harp

Classical/Cantata • 1990 • Lyricist: Lara Hill • Alternative Title: Holy Mother, O Child May We Know You, Now the Star, Dream of Darkness, Song of Light

With This Child: Christmas Cantata for Treble Voices and Harp

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PDF, 1.12 Mb ID: SM-000171463 Upload date: 27 Sep 2012
Harp, Female choir: Soprano, Alto
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Piano-vocal score
D major
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Michael Mauldin
With text by Lara Hill, the work was commissioned by the Santa Fe Women's Ensemble for its tenth anniversary.

ASCAP title code: 530430623

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I. Holy Mother
Deep nights press the light while darkness holds sway--chill claws the air from the quivering north--Mother rides on behind her veil. Noon's blaze on her cheek cools with even a breeze. The sun's arc has shrunk as she's grown full inside. O Mother, sustain us. She signs winds at dusk. She cries gales in the night--waves white with pain heave to bring in the life. O Mother renew your people. O Mother, sustain us.
II. O Child, May We Know You
And who here is born with the heightening light? Child of faith, our own hope of heart, word of love, the Christ mind. O Child may we know you--and crown your sweet head, and give our two hands, whole heart to all that you shine for. Hushed, the animals rest 'round mother and babe. Husband looks on, amazed. He whispers: "Mother of space, child of time, sleep on, sleep, the long night lets you heal. I'll keep you, gift of God, word in form. Grant me ways of worthiness. Child of my God, teach me what you need; What shall I show you?"

III. Now the Star
Behold the great star that astrologers told would blaze forth to guild us all long journey through. "It heralds a great king." Lo the star leads our path to the cradle of light. Praise to the child of the ages! "Take fine things, and rare to honor His coming--you must" said the old ones, "go and lay them at His feet; with this child an epoch is born." Lo the star leads our path to the cradle of light. Praise to the child of the ages. Many a full moon over the mountains, forest torrents, endless suns pounding our path over desert sands we've seen for the honored one. The wise king is he who is willing to bow beyond himself to the source of all pow'r. Thus come we to kneel before the truth of God in human form.

IV. Dream of Darkness (harp interlude)

V. Song of Light
Golden trumpeting, radiance surround us: a vision fills the sky. We shrink in the brightness, stunned in the night, the field's lit clear around. "Fear not", the angel sings, "For fear has no place here, Fear has no place to be, no need to be. Peace be in the heart, peace be in the heart of the mind. Word of great glory I bring: a Savior's born tonight, Emmanuel, God with us! Now dawns the morning of deliverance. To one, to all the news I bring--this is joy supreme, angels come and sing, Glory to God most high. Peace, peace in glory to God most high. Angels come sing, come and play. Sing out and play!" Spirit and earth conceived. Now from her dark womb the light has emerged. And love's in the lap of the world. So strum the spectrum blow heavenly horns that people may see, people may hear the savior's here today. Peace, peace our savior is with us today. Alleluia. The savior's ours today. Glory to God most high. Alleluia!

Review: "Intriguingly new and overwhelmingly beautiful. His is an exquisite contemporary text with music to match. The Christmas musical market needs something new and different. This is it!" --NEW MEXICAN
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comments Michael Mauldin 03 Nov 2012 20:05

Thanks Joan. If you want, you can hear clips from the other movements at

comments Joan Yakkey 03 Nov 2012 15:14

Great sound, nice harmonies, will get it for next Christmas!

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