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Classical/Chamber music • 1994


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Violin, Viola, Cello, Double bass
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Sonja Grossner
The original idea to this piece consists of bars 3 to 25, which is a double cannon.
I wanted to create a double theme that could be used to follow on exactly like in a round.
The composition has only one theme followed by 10 variations of the same theme.
Because of the dramatic character and double cannon theme I decided to work on the idea of a piece called Novae. The main idea is the rebirth of something new and beautiful out of a troubled and injured old world.
Although the composition has actually 10 variations it is not heard as such, but as one continues composition.
Novae is thought to be a close double star in which one member is a white dwarf. The companion star spills over onto the white dwarf where it ignites explosively, causing the star's light to surge temporarily by thousands of times. The star is not destroyed in a Novae explosion; some erupt more than once, and
may recur.
I took this idea to write Novae.
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