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Like black snow, Op.70

Classical/Vocal music • 2012 • Lyricist: Nathan G. Wallace

Like black snow

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Seller Frank Wallace
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Voice, Classical guitar
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Score for two performers
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Gyre Music
like black snow
Composed August 11-15, 2012 in Lauda and Würzburg, Germany, like black snow is a short song cycle with interludes. The three poems by my son Nathan G. Wallace (Gus), have adorned our refrigerator since he composed them with "fridge magnets" several years ago. Having dealt with Gus's bi-polar depression since his adolescence, I had a certain fear of these words: "black snow, every sound is dead, look moon a cloud." But I photographed the words before I left on a 2-month tour of Europe and became closer to them. It was not until I dared to start the songs that I saw this filter was my own, not Gus's. Now I see "come to life, happy wild cry, the night a smile, laugh." My reward? Gus wrote "cold tendrils thrive," a new "fridge poem" and this, "Mom just played like black snow. Wow! Its really amazing. Hauntingly beautiful. I actually loved the clarinet didn't want it to stop, made it a little more ethereal. All the shit you have dealt with on your trip will be worth it if music of that quality is coming out of it!"

Given that I accompany myself as a singer, these poems begged me to try a form that I had never used. Each poem is proceeded by a lengthy introduction, virtually a guitar solo in between each song.

sad he shivers
like black snow
watch plant and flower
come to life
this I always know

stand child
fly before morning
wander above the wood
happy wild cry
but every sound is dead
don't ask how

the night a smile
purple water
I fall small
look moon a cloud
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