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Cantata 'The Wheel' for Two children, Mezzosopran, Tenor, Baryton and Symphony orchestra

Classical/Cantata • 2013 • Lyricist: Stefan Stefanov, Valery Petrov, Erich Kästner, Eugenia Tagareva

Cantata 'The Wheel' for Two children, Mezzosopran, Tenor, Baryton and Symphony orchestra

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PDF, 2.32 Mb ID: SM-000187837 Upload date: 06 Jul 2013
Flute, Clarinet, Bassoon, Oboe, Horn, Trumpet, Violin, Viola, Cello, Double bass, Glockenspiel, Gong, Triangle, Cymbals, Tambourine, Tam-tam, Contrabassoon, Bass Clarinet, Ratchet, Octavin, Flexatone, Wind Chime
Scored for
Symphonic orchestra
Type of score
Full score
English, Bulgarian

Excerpt from “Puk” –
from “Five Fairy Tales” by Valery Petrov
It sounds so simple, so lucent and sonorous
The children’s’ invention: “The see is so thin!”
Like deep sound in a seashell
This phrase sweet and innocent
Like a joke,
Like a laughter,
It says clearly
To us, you see? -
That we are,
And terribly
Grown up!

Excerpt from “Moon chamber” –
from “Five fairy tales” by Valery Petrov
(Sopr. II) Turns out that it’s nice indeed to
Ride your bicycle with wit!
I can ride with both my hands!
With the right one! With the left one!
It goes straight without my help!
Easily, handless! See! - Like this!
Oh! Oh, well, sometimes the knees
suffer from my naughty wheels...

(Sopr. I) I myself had me a doggy
Pedigree I’m sure to death!
What a pity that it happened
Someone else’s it to be!
We were day and night with doggy
I invented his name “Spass”.
I thought that our friendship endless
Will remain… Mistake again!

Yesterday we went out jogging.
We were near the village river.
Someone called him highly “Tom!”
And he ran away forever…
(Both) But at last,
we all know
That in May,
All it’s days
Are the “bestest” time to play!!!

A little message

by Erich Kästner

How wonderful, impressive was
The world in these times gone!
In those dear days
When I was just a kid
The grass could cast a shadow
On my forehead like a tree,
When I stood during summer in the fields.
Dear listener!
It is the thing,
The thing we had in mind as “grass”!
The kitchen chairs were sparingly taller,
The streets were wider,
One hundred steps to cross them!
The thunderclaps,
the thunderclaps were stronger,
Deeper, brighter, further our sky!
With lightning speed
The trees grew wooden giants.
The teachers were as clever as the wise men!
See! One kilo of butter-
with no joke,
Was three times more
Impressive than today!
It’s not a subject to dispute,
That life was better,
pretty, nice and cute!
The clock turns it’s wheels.
We can’t run against it
And everything changes somehow!
We grew up as old men.
Can you now believe it!
We can’t turn back
on our old tracks.
The river’s a brook now,
The giant’s a puppy,
A spinney - the previous wood,
the houses and rooms and
the cars and the trams are
Looking so little these days!
The grass and the trees,
the tender trembling,
the longing and dreams,
even our school teachers,
the skies, the fields,
all objects around
are smaller,
And pitiful…

Like so it is!
Only that we still stand quietly
Everything having no choice.
And only because
Of the span or a bit more
We grew up by chasing the life.Step gently on the childhood’s jolly moss
Lyrics by Evgenia Tagareva

Step gently on the childhood’s jolly moss
You’re welcome barefoot,
light, for luminary thirsty.
With heaven’s white frost
I will shroud you gently
To feel the godlike halo in your dreams.

Creators’ power
Lyrics by Evgenia Tagareva

With might and bounty rises
up towards us approaches
our Maker's
Embrace the gifts of heaven, people!
Collect the love of the endless heavens!
Let spiritual azures fulfil your longings
and touch the trembling pieces of your hearts.
Give them the chance to hunger,
to wish and want, to yearn with passion.
Have no fear of the leap!
We, the ones
who have survived,
Will sparsely sprinkle
sparkling feathers.
to our Route!

from “Peace, Penetrated With Love”
by Stefan Stefanov

Our days chained like a quickstep horo are
Fugitive, missing, not thinking to stop.

Handmade white shirts of the graceful brave men, the
Women’s soft touch they forever remember.

Rhythms so strange of these magic folk dances
Make complicated pattern of fates.

You must keep strongly the horses’ team r
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