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Four Encores for solo piano, B99a

Classical/Instrumental • 1987

Four Encores for solo piano

Title by uploader: Four Encores - for solo piano, B99a

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Seller Colin Bayliss
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Colin Bayliss
These four short pieces were written at various times from 1987 to 1996.

No. 1 - A Tentative Tango was written in August 1996 to surprise a friend who wished to learn to dance the tango, and makes a good encore after a serious piece at a recital.
No. 2 - Meditation by contrast makes a serious ending if a lighter piece has been played. This was written in May 1996.
No. 3 - The Newbould Galop was written in October 1989 for Professor Brian Newbould, who conducted the first performance of the composer's Baltic Dances and was given this piece to play at the post-concert

party. It is in the style of Schubert, who only wrote one known galop, and was appropriate for Prof. Newbould who realised Schubert's 10th Symphony.
No. 4 - Bagatelle à la Prokofiev was written in March 1987 for Mr. Richard Walker who is a devotee of Russian music in general and Prokofiev in particular.

The sound sample is A Tentative Tango performed by David Martin
The complete CD of Impressionist Sketches, Bagatelles and Tentative Tango, performed by David Martin, can be obtained from iTunes at:
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0:00 Four Encores - for solo piano