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Six Miniatures for piano, B124a

Classical/Instrumental • 1969

Six Miniatures for piano

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Seller Colin Bayliss
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Colin Bayliss
These short pieces were written at various times between 1969 and 2002.

The first (untitled) piece was written down in the summer of 2002 and then the composer decided to take out some other unused pieces to form a series of quite easy miniatures, some decidedly amusing in nature.

1. Piacevole [B124] A progression based on 6ths beginning in C and developing into a an expansive tune in F sharp .
2. Prelude without BACH - Allegro. - [B114] A self-explanatory Prelude without the use of the notes B flat, A, C and B, which was written in 2000 together with a fugue which was not included.
3. Doctor Myrtle's Rag - Moderato - [B54] Written in 1991 for pianist Michael Gale, the style is Joplinesque. The title puns Gale with Galen, the Classical doctor and Gale, Anglo-Saxon for the bog myrtle.
4. Anniversaire Oubliée - Moderato - [B45] Written in 1991 for a friend who had forgotten the date of their first meeting.
5. Un Petit Souvenir - Allegretto - [B38] Written in 1990 for a friend whom the composer had not met since 1968 and re-worked for piano the earliest piece he could find - from one of the trios of the early [No. 0] string quartet [B1].
6. Forty Bars on your Birthday - (a prophecy?) - Allegro - [B48] Written in July 1991 for the 40th birthday of Mrs. Isabel Boddy, then Miss Isabel Maycock.
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