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Quando Nasceste Voi - Italian folk song: SA voices

World / Ethnic/Italian • 1995 • Lyricist: folklore • Alternative Title: When you were born

Quando Nasceste Voi - Italian folk song: SA voices

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Piano, Electric piano, Synthesizer, Soprano, Children’s voice, Voice, Keyboard, Female choir: Soprano, Alto; Male choir: Alto, Tenor; Children’s choir: Soprano, Alto
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Solo, Accompanying piano, Choir
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Piano-vocal score
D major
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Joan Yakkey
Joan Yakkey
This song is based on a traditional folk text from Tuscany and Umbria "When you were born" and set to new music in the traditional fashion of Italian folk tunes for Voice or 2 part harmony or 2 part chorus and keyboard accompaniment. This is the text:
Quando Nasceste Voi – When you were born

Italian text

1.Quando nasceste voi nacque un giardino,
l’odore si sentiva di lontano;
e specialmente quel del gelsomino.

Vien, vien, vien ricciolino d’amor.
Bada ben che la mamma non veda,
bada ben che la mamma non senta
o bel angiol del mio cuor.

2. Quando nasceste voi nacque un bel fiore,
la luna si fermò dal camminare;
le stelle le cangiarono di colore. Vien, vien…

3. Se tu sapessi il bene che ti voglio,
faresti un focolino in mezzo al mare;
faresti le girandole di foglio,
l’acqua dei fiumi tu faresti fermare.
Vien, vien…

English translation

1.When you were born, a garden grew,
you could smell the fragrance from afar;
especially that of Jasmine.

Come, come, come little curl of love.
Be careful that mother doesn’t see (us),
be careful that mother doesn’t hear
oh beautiful angel of my heart.

2. When you were born, a flower appeared,
the moon stayed still;
the stars changed their colors. Come, come…

3. If you only knew how much I loved you,
you would light a fire in the middle of the sea;
you would make pinwheels from paper,
you would make the river’s water stay still.
Come, come…
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