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Hip hop

For voice and piano (or guitar)

Printable sheet music file • 6 pages, ID: SM-000199419
Piano, Voice, Classical guitar
“Zombie” is one of the 24 tracks on the 2013 re-released debut music album “Subliminal: La face cachée” by the French rapper Maître Gims (real name Gandhi Djuna). The album was released by Wati B and Maître Gims’ own record label MMC. The music and lyrics were written by Maitre Gims and Renaud Rebillaud. “Subliminal” reached number 1 in Belgium and number 2 in France.
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comments david gallardo 04 Feb 2015 11:45

I heard this song when it was not that popular yet and i thought 'that would make a great hit' - and what do we have now? a hit! ;) really, it so catchy it can not NOT stuck in your head )

comments Stefan Hangl 11 Jun 2014 13:49

Seine Stimme ist ein absoluter Hammer! Ein einfach klasse Hip-Hop-Song! Leider ist Französisch mir schon immer schwergefallen, aber mit diesem Song hat Master Gims mein Herz völlig erobert :)

comments yoyo 11 Jun 2014 13:23

Nice! good to have the music score now, always wanted to make my own rendition of the song

comments paredez 06 Jun 2014 12:10

I always found it kinda hard to associate rap and hip-hop with the French language, because French has always been the language of love and romance to me, so songs in French were to be in the relative music genres to be better perceived. But I found it surprising to enjoy 'other' French too! Zombie turned out to be so sticky, loved it a lot. Id gladly try to play it too

comments JOhnattan 26 May 2014 07:24

I picked up French 2 years ago at school so I try to practice it and enrich my vocabulary whenever I get the chance to. Considering the fact that I’m a beginning musician as well (piano class), I thought that would be an awesome idea to combine my linguistic and music studies! Here’s one of the French songs that helps me to develop my skills in both spheres, love it! Melodic, cool hip-hop beat and great lyrics!