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Vom Rhein zur Donau, Walzer, Op.138

Classical • Alternative Title: Od Rýna k Dunaju

Vom Rhein zur Donau, Walzer

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Seller Pavel Burdych
PDF, 3.00 Mb ID: SM-000230969 Upload date: 22 Aug 2015
Piano, Violin
Scored for
Solo, Accompanying piano
Type of score
Score for two performers, Solo part
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Pavel Burdych
Béla Kéler, née Albert Paul von Kéler descended from Upper Hungarian protestant peerage. After finishing his studies in Levoča, Debrecen and Prešov, strong love for music brought him to Vienna, where Kéler got the position of the 1st violinist in "Theater an der Wien". He stayed there for 9 years, studying harmony and counterpoint and started to compose. In 1854 he accepted the position of a conductor in Berlin band of Johann Sommer under the name Béla Kéler, later the position of a bandmaster of the military band of Count Mazzuchelli. Last 20 years he stayed in Wiesbaden where he conducted spa orchestra. He travelled a lot too, performing his compositions in Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, France and England. In his homeland he remained almost forgotten. During his life time Kéler's works were published in twelve European publishing houses. He composed 27 voluminous valses, 27 marches, 20 csardasses, 18 polkas, 15 songs, 13 gallops, 10 overtures. Website about Béla Kéler:
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