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Autumn Afternoon

Jazz/Instrumental • 2010

Autumn Afternoon

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Seller Thomas Groh
PDF, 348.5 Kb ID: SM-000235427 Upload date: 03 Dec 2015
Free choice: Instrument in C, Instrument in B Flat, Bass Clef Instrument, Instrument in E Flat
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Lead sheet
C minor
Thomas Groh
Sometimes, it's the most simple melodies that catch my ear. Autumn Afternoon is one of these melodies. When I'm listening to it, falling leaves come to my mind (not Autumn Leaves though... that's quite another song ;-), grey clouds, a heavy storm... and then a nice and cozy living room with a candle on the table where I enjoy a cup of hot coffee or tea and read an inspiring book.
In spite of (or because of?) the simple character of the melody, it can be played in very different styles. The sound sample contains this song in two versions: one in rather traditional swing, the other one in a smooth jazz style.
Lead Sheet includes C, Bb, Eb and bass versions of this song.
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